Aymeen Halim, a natural born artist & photographer, was nurtured at a young age with all aspects of beauty & human appreciation due to his upbringing in a family that appreciated art.

Aymeen (an Armenian version of his real name passed on to him by a close friend) 


Aymeen... studied both Psychology & Sociology in the Higher Institute of Humanitarian Studies in Cairo. In hindsight, all factors were fusing together to mold his future into what will be a unique photographer who genuinely captures & conveys a lifetime of a person in a simple, yet deeply meaningful photo. Aymeen’s Humanitarian studies further enhanced his appreciation to authentic moments that pass by one’s life as well as nourished his desire to capture those moments & convey them to the world, hence his motto “Never Miss A Shot”. In 2013 he officially started working as a Photographer after endorsing his skills, carved over a number of years, through a professional course with a renowned Russian Photographer Natalia. 


Despite officially starting his Photography career in 2013, yet all the previous years were a preparation for the launch of the “Authentic Shot Photographer”. The previous years were also a tough path of securing his finances to pour them into his dream, which he did. Moving through different jobs to achieve that, he remembers very well that he always left a human trace behind him that colleagues always remembered him for & appreciated. As he grew more confident in his skills and finances, Aymeen decided its time to let out the “Authentic Shot Photographer” and pursue his dream of turning genuine human moments and lives into meaningful pictures for the world to see & appreciate. He decided that his first true challenge and launch pad will be from the prestigious London Biennale, where he believes his dream will commence.